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Hybrid Wars

by Gladsome Throng

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Hubris Fence 09:54
Hubris Fence The hybrid wars, the hubris fence, They wait and pray in tattered tents, And mocked by lazy minds. Hubris is an imagined security In an insecure citadel, Glass and steel are no balance For lakes of blood obscure, For staring starving faces, For the eternal feng shui laws. They come to us in boats, Then collapse along the shore. This crumbling citadel of shame Is like strongholds of before. I am not fearful of the old ways, They are no longer here, But perhaps they will come to meet us When our ways disappear. I hear them come in whispers Sounding like a prayer, Then I feel the silence Surrounding everywhere. Then I hear them whisper Burning fuel will kill the air, The whispers getting louder, Sounding like a cry. I hear the burning whispers Rise into the sky.
Failure To Provide What you take, What you keep, What you have reflects A failure to provide. For the homes, For the school, For hospital beds A failure to provide. They feel loss so bitter, In shame of poverty, But peace it comes Much quicker than The false security Of those failing to provide. I can see there is another world, Already it is there. I can see there is food and shelter, I can see there is healthcare, As part of being human And part of life upon this earth. Protected and provided With our own intrinsic worth. Awaken from the dust Of their dried up fantasies There is no choice we must Our souls are planted deep I have seen the clouds on fire, Forests brown and dry, Rivers flowing backwards, Rain lifted to the sky. Undo global warming, Before ice shelfs slip away, Before we change the climate And the earth is run with plagues. We see peril in these times, Feel like the end of days. We can Protect, Provide, Undo the chaos we create. We can turn back from the future, We can seek another way. We are standing at the gate of time, We can end and then begin. We can undo what we are doing And leave it all behind. See the past and make a future, From the past we learn, Learn to Protect, Provide.
Capitalism’s Foot Soldiers Capitalism’s foot soldiers Don’t need to have an opinion Don’t need to offer their views Whatever they choose to be doing The outcome is that they will lose. Our levels of ignorance, Our freedom to choose Our present day oblivion With so much to lose. Some choose their lives Or they are chosen. For most this world Would stay the same. For the consumers, Their numbers growing, They cost the earth And creatures living. What we consume. These lazy actions, We will destroy Life and its creation. Some see life just for the taking We do not see the mess we make. So they feel strong they will succeed We make the world bend to our needs. For the journey of your soul No carriages come your way, Take you boots, your wheelchair, crutch Go back the way you came. Undo the shame the grief Of images you have made. Exactly how you are Is how you are meant to be. I saw the tattered tents Those sleeping on the Heath, I sleepwalked past them then, I see them now awake, I dream them in my sleep. We seek the stars and moon For companions on our way, We find friends for our own soul While travelling on our road. How you are just now, You are ready for your soul’s journey.
No Favour No Grace They look without favour They look without grace These are the people With the graceless face. They define beauty They define worth They will be lonely On their last day on earth. The angels, the singing, The harmony spheres, Will not ring their greeting At the end of their years. Oh beautiful soul who looks for honour In the shiftiest of thieves, Rest your tired heart from scouring Those wells have drained too deep. You can gaze down into the darkness, Feel a moment quiet relief, The heartbeat like an echo calling, Then you gaze too far beneath. We see lost faces, the eyes wide open We see a world of fear and pain, They see our world a mirage vision, Screen faces come and go again, False images flicker like contagion, Unsettling all within their gaze. Still we breathe and sleep then From our dreams at 3 we waken, Dreams of fear and being lost. It is then we know within our being That all others dream like us. This is the times that dreams are merging, This time will never go away. Wake in the decent heart sore dawn Speak your truth without delay. I hear the bells this churchyard morning, With grace they ring to heal our pain, Ring your favour for the bitter hearted, Break this spell bind where they remain, To those lying under grave stones, Bless the living, you know that life is brief, Free us all from our failings, We curse ourselves, we seek relief. For our misdeeds, pride and judgements, For letting us all evade the care Of all those living their own short lives. To live without suffering, without despair.
Collateral Casualties Her beautiful feet walk over the mountain,  The forests murmur in delight,  She and her two small children,  Miraculously have survived,  Not heaven’s hidden favour  Though she has prayed with tears,  Others precious and beloved  Have perished through the years.  Eternal Shepherd guiding,  These pilgrims passing by,  Witnessed and wept in sorrow  For those who lost their lives.  Our hearts beat with thankful feeling  When we saw them come in view  And there are those that would be thinking  Of the feet, still to come, passing through.    Blood will melt the border fences,  So let us speak while breath and blood  Are still talking, still making sense,  It may not always be that way.  Make time for this connection,  Breath will calm the pulsing flame,  Slow the mind’s whirl into action,  Cool burning metal in our veins.  Clear the rage that conquers reason  The heart is where the passions melt.  The pulse, the blood is never hidden,  The blood that is shed is always felt,  They are carrying dreams of hope,  Let us quell our ludicrous fantasies,  They are coming through the frozen forests  Trembling, sinking to their knees. Still we must save our neon shopping aisles, Fruit salad ice cream on display Bookshelves with get rich quick schemes. Take to checkout you can buy today, Many have come with the same desires To share these dreams, not steal them away. The bitter rivers of feeling can become A sweet poison sea of forgetting When it becomes all too much to hold. Take time with this knowing, If we are to act and not recoil From these troubling images. These shores will hold all souls. Take comfort from the earth, Sand reflects and soil will hold. We all walk on empty roads, They will be coming looking for a home.  Blood has melted the border fences, If they were ever there at all. 
Harmless As A Serpent Harmless as a serpent, brave as a dove, Dishevelled, not orderly in our souls, We take thoughts to extremes, Our ideas glowing Unseen in plain sight. We all want this beauty, This prism of light, This beauty of motion, These engines in flight. We take the earth’s oil And set it alight. We will unseed this living, Sacrifice this bright world, Sleeping on the dragon’s bed, Dreaming of pieces of gold. Can we really hide Through these Hybrid Wars? Make comfort our own purpose When there is such a desperate cause? Should we listen to the leaders Who send people to the borders? Human trade a live export, No food but with fence wire cutters. Can we seek our soul’s salvation With others suffering in hordes? Truth can set you free but Lies can make a comfortable prison. Love will bond humanity but Hate gives you a sense of security. Offerings to the lazy gods Arrive in cargo ships, From those who struggle to survive For those who will not provide But take and take and take. From the factory foot soldiers Who don’t choose what they make. And on those tacky websites Where so many things are sold To tickle lazy predators, They make your blood turn cold .. Or hot, go cold or hot, To make your flesh go cold or hot. Whichever way, This is a global bandwidth warzone, There are Serpents in control.
British Roulette British roulette and Russian snakes and ladders The new games played out like the old games, Will you never win? Will you be seen as weak? Will you hide yourself? Turn the other cheek? These are the modern traitorous actions, When we hang our heads in guilty shame, This wrongful way we treat each other This is enough reason for us to change. These ancient empires, they talk of borders, Speaking of walls that don’t exist. Really, power is about the bandwidth And that war isn’t worth their risk. The new drums sound like the old drums. Where are the borders? What are borders these days? We support the countries, encourage freedom, Then without remorse, we take it all away. Crisis theatre tactics, misinformation, Weapons of choice for these ageless Hybrid Wars, Feel the ice, the snow, these lives need saving, Let’s cut the border fence, end the Hybrid Wars.
Sanctions Pretence There are no more borders, The lines have been undrawn, This is the game of theatre With people used as pawns. The leaders are hired actors, They speak their given orders, While the fenceless world does deals. One bandwidth no borders, More is hidden than revealed The payments slide swiftly this way, Some countries wanted to control Borders to stop and check who pays. Now who has all the stop checks now? Brexit came armed, a three-word phrase, Then left the people in the snow, This warning on the doorstep says Let the payments keep coming through, That was war, soldiered by media, Sanctions make good theatre For the voters who may care, Then the posturing actors Impress those who are unaware. But we must remind ourselves We are not seeing what we think as war. It is a performance for us as viewers, To distract leaders with the noise we cause, While deep within the bandwidth Others swoop and soar. It is the darkest of irony, That those who really care About children starving in the snow, They are placed for us to make a noise. Because we have the loudest voice, Because we have these college words, Because we love our conscience clear. They are placed for us to make a noise Across our well-schooled lives That are not defined by lines Still we self enclose to make a noise And scream in each other’s ears. We distract the country, with our loud protest While digital dependency, bandwidth frequency Are the tools with which they trade. Import substitution and sanctions a performance, A coercive control, infecting our security And then, with the disinterest of parasites, They detonate discussion on NATO’s road to Madrid. They still have their interests, Brexit as a gift both ways, Timing troops to coincide, They will have their victories, Gaining control of borders, Clowns are kept as leaders, Keep looking you won’t witness, A sleight of hand in action, While our strength is auctioned, This Hybrid War is a distraction.
“Hybridity ... is characterized by the interpenetration of a wide range of non-state actors including any combination of insurgent or terrorist networks; organized crime groups; social groups such as clans, tribes or ethnic groups; and ideologically or religiously motivated organizations; all of which may be backed covertly or overtly by states and/or legitimate businesses.” Josef Schroefl and Stuart J. Kaufman, “Hybrid Actors, Tactical Variety: Rethinking Asymmetric and Hybrid War,” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 37 (2014)


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Hybrid warfare is a conflict, “in which states or non-state actors exploit all modes of war simultaneously by using advanced conventional weapons, irregular tactics, terrorism, and disruptive technologies or criminality to destabilize an existing order.”

R. Wilkie, “Hybrid Warfare – Something Old, Not Something New,” Air & Space Power Journal 2009.


released February 25, 2022

Valerie Cameron - poetry & recitation
Robert Cumings - music & production

Recorded in Lismore and Sydney.
Mixed and mastered at ismISM Studio Bundjalung country Australia.


all rights reserved



Gladsome Throng Sydney, Australia

Gladsome Throng, the coming together of the poetry and voice of Valerie Cameron with the soundscape of Robert Cumings, is greater than the sum of its parts.

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